• Discover Rikugien Garden

      October 13, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    The known history of Japan goes back an unfathomable distance in time. Icons, fables, and events are constantly being reborn as part of the Japanese and Chinese cultures. The Rikugien Garden was built hundreds of years ago in northern Tokyo, once people started living there in the 17th century. The garden honors almost 100 elements... Continue reading →

  • Plan a Xeriscape Yard with a Professional Landscape Company

      September 29, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Even after a wet monsoon season this year, it is important to conserve water in the American Southwest. However, reducing water usage doesn’t mean that you can’t design a beautiful backyard that features lush plant life. Following the trend of xeriscaping, you can limit water consumption while incorporating the beautiful colors and textures of local... Continue reading →

  • Keep These Common Desert Plants Out of Your Yard

      September 22, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    As you look for plants to include in your Tucson landscape, you may be surprised at the wide variety of plants that fare well in the harsh desert climate. However, not every heat-resistant plant choice is a good addition to your yard. The following plants are considered noxious weeds in Arizona, and they may take... Continue reading →

  • Biddulph Grange: The Garden of Gardens

      September 15, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Though there is no shortage of Victorian mansions and gardens in the United Kingdom, the Biddulph Grange will provide a unique spectacle to those who make the trip to Staffordshire. The beautiful and extensive gardens are maintained by the National Trust, and they showcase several distinctive themes, including China and Ancient Egypt. Originally designed in... Continue reading →

  • Your Guide to Post-Monsoon Landscape Cleanup

      September 1, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Arizona had a particularly wet and windy monsoon season, and the Tucson area saw record rainfall throughout July and August. As a result, your landscape may be looking a little beaten up, and it might even contain some hazards that need to be cleared now that the weather is transitioning to milder fall conditions. This... Continue reading →

  • What Type of Landscape Design Is Right for You?

      August 25, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    There are many types of landscape designs taken from around the world, and many can do well no matter the climate. With the help of an experienced landscaper, homeowners can create a tropical paradise, a Southwestern escape, or a Japanese garden in their backyards. Read on to see different landscape designs. Southwest Landscape Southwest is,... Continue reading →

  • Make the Summer Monsoons Work for Your Yard

      August 18, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Arizona’s summer monsoons provide the desert with much-needed water, but that water is not always put to the best use. You can ensure that your landscape takes advantage of monsoon rainwater, and save on your water bill for the summer, with helpful steps below. Invest in a Collection System Rainwater collection systems are a great... Continue reading →

  • Look at Your Different Hardscaping Options

      August 11, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Hardscapes are a great addition to every landscape, because they allow for places to walk, sit, and provide shade. You can add pavers, decks, pergolas, and so much more to make your landscape more attractive. Let’s take a closer look at your hardscaping options. Pavers There are countless types of pavers that can be used... Continue reading →

  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden

      August 5, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a lush oasis that is nestled next to Prospect Park in the bustling borough of Brooklyn, New York. When you take your next trip to the city, be sure to tour the amazing landscaping and exotic plants that are featured throughout the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s extensive grounds. Let’s review some... Continue reading →

  • Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

      July 28, 2017     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    When it comes to gardens that combine rich history with gorgeously lush growth, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens are near the top of the list. These gardens put plants and fungi in the spotlight, and they represent the incredible diversity of plant life. Attractions like a tall treetop canopy and a few areas that are designed... Continue reading →