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What Is the Best Way to Remove a Tree Stump?

When cutting down a tree in your yard, you’ll still have the leftover stump poking up from the ground. Though you could leave the stump alone, many people choose to get rid of it. As such, you might wonder how to safely remove a tree stump. 

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Manual Tree Stump Extraction

Removing a tree stump may be possible without chemicals or specialized equipment. If the stump’s roots aren’t too deep and you’re dealing with a small or medium-sized trunk, you could use basic tools like an ax, bow saw, and digging bar to get rid of the remaining bits of the tree. 

To complete the job, loosen the dirt around the stump with the digging bar to expose its roots. Next, use a bow saw to separate the trunk from the roots.

At this point, you can let the roots decompose on their own, or continue working to remove them. Keep digging until you reach the main root under the stump. Cut through it using an ax.

These cuts will let you pull the tree stump from its spot. It’s an effective yet labor-intensive process that disturbs your landscape.


Stump Grinding

Professional stump grinding is one of the best ways to remove a tree stump. Expert tree service companies have specialized equipment that will quickly break down the tree’s trunk and roots. This process will leave your yard smooth without obstructions that could hinder a landscaping project.


Chemical Tree Stump Removal

Chemicals like herbicides containing glyphosate or triclopyr are another way to kill a stump. It can take three to seven years for a tree stump to naturally decompose. Herbicides are faster, but it can still take over four weeks for the tree’s remains to show any progress.

Before applying any chemicals, remove as much of the remaining stump as possible. You’d need to drill holes into the remaining stump and fill it with the herbicide. Soak the ground around the stump with water and cover everything with a tarp to expedite the rotting process. 


What to Avoid with All Stump Removal Methods

Some tree stump removal methods can cause more harm than good. Avoid doing the following to protect yourself and your landscape:

  • Use bleach to kill a stump. Bleach can harm the surrounding environment. 
  • Fail to protect yourself. When working with dangerous chemicals and tools, you must have safety gear.
  • Spray herbicide everywhere. You could kill healthy plants.  


Avoid the Stress of Tree Stump Removal with Santa Rita Landscaping

Count on our Santa Rita Landscaping crew to remove a tree stump from your residential or commercial property in Tucson, Arizona. As an award-winning landscape company, we have experience employing safe and effective stump removal techniques that will leave your lawn free of unsightly trip hazards. Our company also offers lawn maintenance, turf installation, and commercial landscaping construction. 

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