signs a tree is about to fall

4 Signs a Tree Is About to Fall

Again, it’s rare for a healthy tree to fall over without warning. Keep an eye on your property and call a tree service for help if you spot any signs a tree is about to fall. 

1. It Starts to Lean Suddenly 

Although trees can sometimes grow at an angle and are perfectly safe, if you see a tree start leaning to one side, it’s only a matter of time before it falls. Leaning is almost always a sign of instability in the tree roots, which could be due to soil shifts, fungus or disease, or storm damage. It may be possible to save a small tree that leans, but complete removal is usually the only way to deal with a large tree that abruptly starts leaning. 

2. Dead Branches 

Dying or dead branches aren’t always signs a tree is about to fall soon, but they do indicate an issue that requires attention. When tree branches die, it’s a sign that the tree isn’t getting enough nutrition, is sick, or has an insect infestation. An arborist should prune them before they fall and investigate the rest of the wood to determine whether the entire tree needs to come down.

3. Root Problems 

Even if a tree isn’t leaning, it can have root problems that create an imminent danger of falling. For example, if you see fungus (usually in the form of mushrooms) around the tree’s base, it typically means that the roots are rotting and the tree will soon be unstable. Trees that grow near water or where the soil doesn’t drain adequately can have waterlogged roots that are vulnerable to decay and will most likely become unstable. 

4. Hollows or Cavities 

Most of the time, hollows or cavities in your tree start as wounds in the bark, but over time, fungus can infect it, eating away at the wood and creating a hole. Some trees protect themselves by sealing off the diseased area, but the fungus can spread through the entire tree and cause extensive damage. A tree with a large cavity most likely requires removal, as it will eventually become unstable and fall. 

Let Santa Rita Landscaping Take Care of Your Trees 

If you notice any signs a tree is about to fall, or one has already fallen, on your Tucson, AZ, property, call Santa Rita Landscaping at (520) 623-0421 to have one of our tree experts inspect it and find a safe and effective solution. We can answer questions like “What are tree services?” and offer insight to keep your property as attractive as possible. 

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