who is responsible for fallen tree removal

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Tucson, AZ?

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area filled with lush trees, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Who is responsible for fallen tree removal?” One strong storm has the power to uproot trees of all sizes, and while this isn’t something you want to think about, the matter deserves proper consideration. Educating yourself helps you know what to do should a tree fall on your property.

As the leading tree removal company in Tucson, AZ, Santa Rita Landscaping is eager to help. This article will help you determine who is responsible for fallen tree removal.

Who Takes the Blame?

Since removing a tree is a significant undertaking, requiring expert knowledge of the anatomy of trees and other factors, it helps to know the facts before disaster strikes. To determine responsibility, you’ll want to consider the following:

The Location of the Fallen Tree

Property owners are responsible for one thing: their property. This includes all greenery.

You can determine who’s responsible for the tree by locating its trunk. Property owners may also be held liable for damages if the tree falls on surrounding properties, though exceptions exist.

You might share a trunk with your neighbor if it sits between your properties, which can confuse the issue of liability. Even though laws vary from state to state, many agree that both parties are responsible if the trunk sits between two properties.

What About Encroachment Trees?

Encroachment trees are another point of contention between neighbors. If your neighbor doesn’t keep up with their tree, its branches could overhang your property.

If that tree falls and damages your property, you might wonder who’s at fault. The answer is simple: your neighbor. They are responsible for keeping up with their property, including shrubs and trees. Provide a friendly reminder should you notice interference to avoid issues in the future.

Will Insurance Cover the Damage?

Now that you know who is responsible for fallen tree removal, it’s time to discuss who is liable for damages. Home insurance sometimes helps if a storm damages property by knocking over a tree. However, insurance doesn’t always cover damages if:

  • The homeowner neglected to keep up with the tree. Trees need constant care. Overgrown limbs are more likely to cause property damage compared to well-maintained trees.
  • The tree was dead, diseased, or dying. If a tree is in bad shape, it’s more susceptive to heavy winds and rain. Insurance may not step in if a dead tree is to blame for the property damage.

Receive Top-Notch Tree Services From Qualified Specialists

Now that you know who is responsible for fallen tree removal, we recommend assessing the trees on your property and then contacting us. Santa Rita Landscaping provides all sorts of tree services for your convenience. We’ve got your needs covered, from determining tree root depth when planning a stump removal service to pruning overgrown trees.

To learn more about our services or schedule a tree removal service, please call 520-623-0421.

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