how deep do tree roots go

How Deep Do Tree Roots Go?

Tree roots are not visible, but they are probably the most important part of the tree. If you have never seen them before, you might wonder, “How deep do tree roots go?” The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. This article will cover what you need to know about tree root depth and tree root health.

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How Far Down Do Tree Roots Grow?

When conditions are ideal, some trees have been observed to have root systems that extend as much as 20 feet below the ground! Tree root system depth can vary significantly based on three main factors: oxygen, water, and amount of space. At the same time, soil composition can cause tree roots to spread out horizontally just below the surface.

However, what about the depth of tree roots in your landscaping? How far down should they go?

It depends on the total size of your yard, but most of your landscaping trees should have a tree root depth measurement of about two feet to six feet below the ground. This range of depth provides a nice balance between ground stability and oxygen availability.

What Happens When Roots Are Too Deep?

Tree root depth can have a major effect on overall tree health. If the depth of tree root penetration is too high, the tree can start to suffocate as it doesn’t have adequate access to oxygen. Highly compacted soil will also reduce water drain and prevent the roots from accessing sufficient moisture. Tree roots might start to grow too deep when they do not have enough horizontal space to grow outwards.

Deep tree roots will also orient themselves upwards, increasing the chance that they tangle with each other. Twisted roots can suffocate themselves, which can affect the tree’s overall health, and low tree roots might also obscure the trunk’s collar which can stunt growth.

What Happens When Roots Are Too Shallow?

On the other hand, tree roots can be too shallow. When tree roots are too close to the surface, they might not stabilize the tree so it is more prone to being uprooted during storms. Above-surface roots can also curl themselves around the exposed trunk, which can damage the tree’s vascular structure.

When roots are too high, they may also create a tripping hazard in your yard. You can lower the level of your tree roots by re-mulching your trees to cover any exposed roots. You should generally avoid trying to remove surface tree roots and instead focus on re-submerging them back in the ground.

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