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tree with exposed roots

Dealing With a Tree With Exposed Roots in Your Yard

Trees serve as some of the most stunning features of your home. Whether shading outdoor spaces or enhancing the appeal of your front yard, trees are integral to a complete landscaping plan. However, a tree with exposed roots can do more harm than good to your property. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the drawbacks of maintaining trees with exposed roots and strategies to deal with this overgrowth. Contact the experts from one of the top-rated tree removal services in Tucson, AZ, to handle trees with visible roots effectively. The professionals from Santa Rita Landscaping can safely adjust exposed tree root landscaping without damaging natural features.

How Tree Roots Reach the Surface

Trees are living things. As their trunks and branches grow, trees’ roots swell with age. This growth eventually causes the roots to break through the ground’s surface.

Erosion and loss of space may also allow roots to reach the surface. As the elements wear away at your yard, its surface recedes to expose the tops of tree roots. Large trees whose underground root systems have to compete with your home structures for space underground might start growing aboveground instead.

Consequences of Exposed Tree Roots

Sustaining a tree with an uncovered root system can lead to many consequences. First, exposed roots pose a tripping and safety hazard, especially near major walkways. Roots can also cause extensive damage to outdoor paths. 

Root exposure is not healthy for the tree, either. A landscape design with visible tree roots has a much higher risk of contracting plant diseases. These diseases weaken a tree’s structure, leaving it vulnerable to serious weather damage. 

Techniques for Managing Trees With Exposed Roots

Understanding how to manage a tree with exposed roots can save your home and landscaping from major issues.


Adding mulch can build up some of the ground lost to erosion. Furthermore, this natural fertilizer insulates roots, redirects foot traffic, eliminates the need for mowing, and enhances the look of your tree.

Non-Grass Ground Cover

Sometimes, the best way to deal with roots exposed in your tree base is to add plants. Non-grass ground cover can shield your roots from disease and damage while hiding them. It also adds another natural texture to your yard.

Adding Soil

Adding soil offers another method to combat erosion. However, you must integrate just the right amount or risk suffocating the tree roots.

Avoid Planting Grass

Growing new grass is not a good idea in this case. Grass that dies or lacks nutrients can actually take away from tree roots, leading to further issues.  

Never Remove the Root                       

Attempting to remove exposed roots could injure or kill your tree. Instead of compromising this key natural feature, call the experts to manage exposed roots.

Handle Exposed Roots Easily With Santa Rita Landscaping

Whether you need to know the best type of soil for raised garden beds or landscaping tips, the Santa Rita Landscaping team is here to help. Call (520) 623-0421 to schedule landscaping professionals to treat a tree with exposed roots safely.

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