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Five Must-Read Landscaping Trends of 2022

Landscaping trends change yearly. Whether you’re interested in updating your outdated property or utilizing unused space, following trends can help you create a more cohesive or experimental landscape. 

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1. Gardens

Sustainability has become a growing trend since the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you wish to feed yourself and your family or the area’s wildlife, vegetable gardens remain a top trend in 2022. Consider growing your own food to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

Garden designs now contain more cohesive elements with the rest of the landscape. Natural decorative features give a rustic yet sustainable touch. Many homeowners opt to include neutral tones that blend with foliage.

2. Drought-Friendly Native Plants

As global warming increases, landscaping trends need to adapt to meet these concerns. Implementing native plants to better withstand a drought’s effects created this quickly rising trend. Succulents, cactuses, and other plants make a popular choice due to their lighter water needs.

Artificial grass offers another option for homeowners to maintain their landscape’s beauty despite climate change. Drought-friendly landscaping methods also contribute to less erosion.

3. Outdoor Living Spaces

An outdoor living space provides an excellent place to enjoy time in nature. Combining hardscape and landscape features can significantly increase your property’s value. 

Outdoor kitchens, eating spaces, patios, and other outdoor rooms make an ideal option for entertaining, relaxing, and working. Landscape designers work to mix these elements more practically. Depending on your preferences, a blended landscape or a drastic, clearly defined option could be best for you.

4. Water Features

Water features offer another excellent opportunity to aid nature and increase your property’s curb appeal. They provide the ideal atmosphere for those wanting to relax at the end of the day. These options make it easy to incorporate other materials like metal or wood.

Consider a reflecting pool or pond. Alternatively, opt for a stream with a wooden footbridge. Fountains and bird baths also make worthwhile property additions.

5. Vibrant Tropical Flowers and Plants

Although native cacti and drought-withstanding plants are helpful for your property, landscape designs in 2022 also contain many vibrant colors and tropical flowers. Get a tropical look with deep indigo, marigold, fuchsia, and bright greens. Palms, dahlias, lilies, and elephant ears also provide this aesthetic.

Unlock Your Property’s Potential

You don’t have to settle for the same old, boring landscape design you’ve had for years. With the help of Santa Rita Landscaping, you can transform your yard from a drab desert to a lush garden. Our team has over thirty-five years of experience meeting landscaping needs in Tucson, Phoenix, and beyond.

Learn a few more landscaping ideas when you have pets, then speak to the landscape designers at Santa Rita Landscaping in Tucson, AZ. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable landscaping experts about other top landscaping trends at 520-623-0421 today.

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