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Six Pet-Friendly Landscaping Ideas You Should Consider

Your pet is a member of the family and wants to be out on the lawn running free just as much as everyone else in the family does. When making changes to the landscaping, consider these pet-friendly landscaping ideas to make your outdoor space more enjoyable and safer for your favorite fur buddy.

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1. Non-Toxic Plants

Landscaping includes trees, shrubs, and plants. Pets sometimes like to chew on or play in greenery. Because of this, it is essential to ensure that any plant life in the yard is non-toxic. 

2. Safe Structures

Landscaping also includes fencing, retaining walls, and borders for flower beds. These structures should be the proper height to prevent your pets from going where they shouldn’t while being safe enough not unexpectedly to fall or break. Pets tend to jump or climb on these features, and this likelihood should be considered. 

Additionally, there should be no slight openings large enough to tempt a pet to go through it and allow them to get caught. 

3. Comfortable Materials

Patios, walkways, gardens, and shrubbery can consist of various materials that can be hurtful to pets. When designing these features, consider choosing materials that won’t get too hot, concrete pavers that don’t have sharp edges, mulch that isn’t too rough on paw pads, or plants that do not have thorns that could embed in paw pads.

4. Play Areas

Playtime in the yard should involve more than chasing a ball and lying in the warm grass. Making sure your pet has room to play is one of the most important pet-friendly landscaping ideas out there.

Consider adding a few fun obstacles to challenge your pet or features with different materials that stimulate comforts, such as cool, smooth stones to lay on or a path that encircles the yard. 

5. Shade and Shelter

After running and playing, everyone, including our pets, needs a shady spot to relax. There is no better place to relax than a cool shade under a tree or shelter. Where we relax can vary depending on the mood and day, so there should be ample choices for shade and shelter available throughout the yard.

6. Water Sources

Water is essential for any pet who runs and plays in the yard. It is particularly crucial to consider adding water sources to the landscaping if you want your pet to stay away from certain water features such as bird feeders or koi ponds. With ample watering bowls, fountains, and streams, pets are less likely to drink where they shouldn’t. 

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It doesn’t take much to make your pet happy. These are just a few pet-friendly landscaping ideas to shake up the routine and offer enjoyment. Creating a fun and safe yard is the least we can do for our four-legged besties. 

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