Plants for Water Features: 4 Plants to Add Color and Texture
plants for a water feature

Four Best Plants for a Water Feature

Water features add a fantastic element to your landscape, breaking up the monotony of a constant lawn with unused space. You can even add aquatic plants to make your feature more economical and environmentally friendly.

As major contractors for landscape design services in Tucson, AZ, our Santa Rita Landscaping team can show you how to spice up your yard with low-maintenance plants for a self-sustaining space! Call 520-623-0421 to learn more about popular plants for a water feature in Arizona. 

Top Tips Before Choosing Your Pond Plants 

Beauty comes naturally with plants that are well-suited for the space you plant them. Note these common plant traits to keep your pond alive and healthy:

  • Check how large the plant can get at maturity
  • Consider how much space each plant will need
  • Review which zones the plant flourishes in the best
  • Recognize the type of plant you’re getting for soil purpose
  • Consider fresh or rainwater for your pond to allow the plants to flourish
  • Remember to have a functioning pump system in the pond for water flow

With these tips in mind, you can choose the best plants for a water feature that suits your aesthetic. You can find some plants from the list or informative newsletters or magazines, like Homes & Gardens.

1. Cardinal Flowers

Cardinal flowers are one of the best for DIYers with pale green thumbs because they are easy to grow. These bright red, low-maintenance perennials generally flourish as long as you keep their roots wet. 

Plant them in a submerged pot in full sun (at least six hours of sun exposure). They can attract hummingbirds and other popular pollinators to enhance the local environment.

2. Water Lettuce

These perennial evergreen floating plants can create a vibrant, verdant color to coat the pond. However, they require some wrangling, as they can quickly grow out of control if you leave them to propagate. They adapt to different lighting conditions but work best in part shade (three to six sunlight hours with midday protection).

3. Mosaic Plants

Mosaic plants, or water primroses, float on the surface of the water, starting green and flourishing out in red diamond-shaped leaves. As the name suggests, they look like painted mosaics, giving the yard vibrant color. They thrive in full sun with occasional shade and only grow in warm climates, like in Arizona.

4. Bladderwort

While it doesn’t have the prettiest name, these plants can reduce the chances of mosquitos making your water features their home. The top side produces a lovely orchid-like flower, and the bottom half uses trigger hairs to identify and trap insects. This submersible plant grows in most conditions with full sun and occasional shade and thrives in shallower water features.

Want More Water Plant Suggestions?

At Santa Rita Landscaping LLC, we serve the Tucson, AZ, area with top-quality landscaping and yard installations. Adding a water feature in your backyard has never been easier, and we can either suggest or install your favorite pond plants. Call 520-623-0421 (Tucson) or 602-686-0292 (Phoenix) when you want healthy plants for a water feature in your yard.

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