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Do You Need to Get Your Trees Ready For Winter?

Before winter sets in, there are several things you can do to protect your trees against chilly weather. A tree service company can also be handy to make things easy. Here are some things you can do.

Clearing the Property

The first thing to do when preparing your trees for winter is to clean up by removing dead ones. Start by getting rid of fallen or dead trees, including branches. You might need the help of a tree service company to take care of huge trees or boulders.


Pruning becomes easy after removing large dead trees or branches through a tree service professional. Trimmed trees stay strong and can cope with cold conditions. You can also protect your home against damage resulting from falling branches.


You could tell yourself that your trees don’t need watering due to ice and snow in winter. However, dry spells are common in the cold season. As a result, the melting of ice or snow may not be enough for the trees. The best thing is to water the trees before the onset of freezing temperatures.


To retain water and control winter temperatures, mulch your trees. However, ensure some space between the tree’s trunk and the mulch to prevent fungal growth.


Wrapping your trees in preparation for winter is also vital. During winter, temperatures tend to fluctuate. It causes sunscald, which is an injury to trees. Rising temperatures activate trunk cells, but they die when temperatures fall. Because of this, the bark gets damaged, including the trunk.

You can use light-colored fabric or commercial wraps to cover your trees during the fall. New trees also need wrapping for as long as two years. When their bark is so thick that they can protect the tree, wrapping might be unnecessary except in winter.


Trees can lose lots of essential nutrients because of falling temperatures. However, you can apply fertilizer to your trees in the fall months to boost nutrients. It can also promote their health by reducing the risks of decay, disease, and damage due to insects.

Need help with preparation for winter and even with landscaping projects? A tree service company can make things easy for you, as it can take between one and four weeks to complete landscaping projects. Contact us today to learn more!

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