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How Much Does it Cost to Cut Down a Tree?

How much does it cost to cut down a treeOvergrown trees can put the safety and structural integrity of your property at risk. Which is why it’s essential to identify them before they become too big of an issue.

Cutting down a tree is a very complicated process that involves a lot of factors. Without the proper tools or knowledge, trying to cut a tree can be dangerous.

Size and age are two of the most important factors to consider when cutting a tree. Failing to cut down a tree properly can result in bodily injury or damage to your home.

Therefore, only trust the professionals to get the job done.

At Santa Rita Landscaping, we have years of experience in the tree cutting industry. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained.

So, they can handle any tree cutting needs you have. We approach every client on an individual basis. Enabling us to deliver tailored solutions with long-lasting results.

Cost is another considerable factor people consider before cutting a tree. The cost to cut down a tree varies widely depending on the type of tree, its size, and more.

To learn more about the cost to cut down a tree, continue reading.

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

As I stated earlier, the cost to cut down a tree depends mainly on its size. Obviously, smaller trees cost less to cut than larger ones.

But, if your trees are severely damaged, a small tree can become expensive to cut down quickly. Take a look below to see the average cost to cut a tree according to its size.

Average Tree-Cutting Cost by Size:

  • Small- $150-$400
  • Medium- $450-$700
  • Large- $900-$1,200

Location and geography also affect the cost of cutting down trees. Check out this article by Homeadvisor to learn more about why.

All tree types grow roots differently, which impacts removal difficulty. So, the type of trees being cut down will play a factor in the final cost.

Here is an article by Fixr detailing more information about tree types and the cost of cutting.

Saving money on trimming your trees

Tring to “cut corners” when cutting down a tree can result in severe injury.

So, while there is no direct way to save money when cutting down a tree, you can save money by ensuring, you choose the right service provider.

At Santa Rita Landscaping, we offer affordable tree cutting services. We take the satisfaction of our customers seriously.

Which is why we provide a 100% service guarantee on all of our work. If you’re interested in our tree cutting services, feel free to fill out the contact form on our website.

We offer free project estimates.

Allowing you to get an idea of how much the entire thing will cost before you commit. Our team can cut down trees of all types, sizes, and ages.

People Also Ask

Q: How much does it cost to cut down a 30-foot tree?
A: on average, it costs about $00-$700 to cut down a 30-foot tree. That cost may be higher or lower, depending on many factors.

Q: Will lumber companies cut down trees for free?
A: While some have been known to offer this service, not all of them do. You’ll need to contact a local lumber company in your area to find out an exact answer.

Q: Why is tree cutting so expensive?
A: tree cutting is so expensive mainly due to the fact that there’s more involved than merely cutting the tree. An inspection must occur before cutting. Safety measures are put in place to protect your home and safety.

Let our team at Sanat Rita Landscaping help you!

Whether you want to cut a tree down for visual reasons or for safety. Our team is equipped with the right tools to get the job done. Don’t waste any more time.

Contact Santa Rita Landscaping today!

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