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What Are the Best Succulents for Outdoors?

What are the best succulents for outdoors

Succulents are a plant family with fleshy and engorged parts; they are also drought-resistant as they adapt well to arid and dry environments. Succulents store water in their roots, stems, and leaves. The English word succulent is derived from the Latin word Sucus which means “juice.” One interesting thing to note about succulent plants is that some derivatives of the plant are edible.

Many people grow succulents indoors because they are one of the few plant species that can adapt to an indoor environment’s dry and arid conditions. However, you don’t have to grow succulents indoors as they also work well in outdoor environments.

Keep in mind; not all succulent plants can be grown outdoors, so vital that you identify the type you’re planting before doing so. Continue reading below to find out more about the best kind of succulents to plant outdoors.

What are the best succulents for outdoors?

Before planting any succulents, you need to know proper growing and care tips to ensure they last as long as possible. Take a look below to see all of the crucial factors you need to consider when planting succulents.

Important Facts To Know About Planting Succulents

⦁ Reduce irrigation during winter and fall months so your succulents can thrive in the lower temperature ranges.
⦁ Understand what succulents grow best in your region; you can get personalized advice on this tip by purchasing your succulents from a local botany shop, plant group, or nurseries.
⦁ Try to integrate your new succulents into your existing landscape
⦁ Succulents require more watering during the summer months

Now that you know all of the critical maintenance and care tips for succulents, let’s take a look at the best succulents to plant in your outdoor garden.

Choosing the right succulents for your garden or yard

There are several different succulent plant varieties to choose from. Each one of them provides a distinct look and appeal to your garden. Depending on how much time you’re willing to put into maintaining them and the specific look you’re going for, the options we list below will be able to accommodate your needs.

Here are some of the best succulents to plant outdoors:

⦁ Senecio
⦁ Kalanchoe
⦁ Sedum
⦁ Haworthia
⦁ Euphorbia
⦁ Graptopetalum
⦁ Dudleya
⦁ Echeveria
⦁ Crassula
⦁ Aloe
⦁ Aeonium
⦁ Agave

These succulent plants come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your garden regardless of the look you’re going for.

People Also Ask

Q: What succulents grow well outdoors?
A: golden barrel cactus, Aloe, Graptopetalum, and aloes are all great succulents that grow exceptionally outdoors.

Q: Can succulents grow outdoors?
A: yes, succulents can grow outdoors; however, if you live in a dry and hot climate, you’ll need to check on your succulents regularly.

Q: Where should I put succulents outside?
A: if you plan on planting succulents outside, you need to grow them in a very sunny location. Succulents need soil with good drainage, so this is something else you need to consider when planting succulents outside.

Understanding What are the best succulents for outdoors

Use all of the information and tips we’ve included in this article so that you can choose the right type of succulent plants for your outdoor garden. As long as you follow all of the tips in this article, you’ll be able to enjoy a stunning landscape in no time.

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