Protect Your Plants in Winter

Protect Your Plants in Winter

Our winter weather is starting to turn cold and you need to protect your plans to keep them in top shape all year long. Here are our suggestions on how to protect your plants in December weather.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule

Although your plants require water to thrive, they need less water during winter months. Adjust your irrigation schedule to slow down. Wildflower seedlings, for example, only need to be watered every week or so. Trees need watering once a month or less depending on the weather. Mature trees like mesquite and palo verde trees can handle minimal amounts of water.

Use Protective Materials

Your plants need a little extra protection throughout the winter in the form of blankets and frost cloths. Use this extra protection when temperatures dip under 30 degrees. You can use Styrofoam cups to protect the tips of your columnar cacti.

Watch the Weather Forecast

Be sure to check your local weather forecast regularly to judge how you should be taking care of your plants. The way you care for your plants will change from day to day in certain circumstances.

Would you like additional tips on protecting your plants from December weather? Contact Santa Rita Landscaping or visit our website. We specialize in landscape design and landscape maintenance in Tucson. You can find out much more about our services by calling us at (520) 623-0421 today.

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