Prepare for Freezing Temperatures by Insulating Your Irrigation

Even though Tucson temperatures reach freezing only a dozen or so times each winter, it’s still worth protecting your landscaping and making the appropriate preparations. We will explain how covering your irrigation pipes in winter can help you avoid damage to your yard.

Frozen Pipe Dangers

Water expands when it freezes. If you let the water in your irrigation pipes freeze, the pressure inside your pipes will build until they burst, causing leaks. Failing to turn off your main water shutoff valve in time, may result in a flooded yard and huge water bill. Typically, you only need to insulate the pipes that are above ground to protect against the cold weather.

Frost Blanket Installation

Place frost blankets on any water pipes that are above ground to prevent your irrigation pipes from bursting. You can use a true frost blanket that is made of heavy fabric, or you can use insulated tape to wrap on the pipe. Foam insulation and fiberglass insulation that you wrap around the pipe works well also.

Insulation Benefits

Repairing irrigation pipes can be costly and stressful. Watch the weather forecasts to determine when to install frost blankets and avoid the expense and hassle of repairing broken pipes.
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