Using Pre-Emergent Spray for Weed Control

Using Pre-Emergent Spray for Weed Control

Summer is here and it is time to turn your attention to weed control. Unfortunately, the combination of hotter temperatures and monsoon rain brings weeds back to life here in the desert. Prevention is the key to controlling weed growth and pre-emergent spray can help stop weeds before they even start taking over your landscape.

What Is Pre-Emergent Spray?

The pre-emergent spray is used to kill the seeds of weeds before they can start growing. Our Southwest climate is very inviting to a variety of weed species which can cause irritating allergic symptoms as well as an eyesore in your landscaping. As the weather keeps heating up, seeds start to germinate and poke out of the ground. The pre-emergent spray contains an herbicide that creates a barrier around the seed that prevents it from sprouting. Pre-Emergent is safe to use around your existing plants since it only stops the germination of seeds.  July is a great month to use pre-emergent since the monsoon rains will help to soak the pre-emergent into the ground

The Benefits of Pre-Emergent Spray

You don’t want to spend your free time pulling weeds out of your garden. Using a pre-emergent spray solves that problem by decreasing the time you have to spend doing landscape maintenance. Your Tucson landscapers can use a pre-emergent spray so you avoid having to see unappealing and sometimes hazardous weeds take over your custom landscape. Many types of weeds are notoriously hard to get rid of, with roots that extend deep below the surface. Pre-emergent spray prevents these weeds from growing and may minimize your weed growth in the coming seasons as well.

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