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How to Prepare Your Yard for Monsoons

The arrival of the monsoons brings heavy rains and high winds that can cause serious damage to your landscaping. Roadways flood roofs leak, and without the right preparation, your landscape could suffer the consequences. We’ll help you prepare your landscape for the upcoming storms.

Staking Out Trees

How to Prepare Your Yard for MonsoonsIf you’ve ever gone camping, you know to stake out your tent in case of excess wind. Preparing your trees for the monsoon season follows the same basic principle—  younger, fast-growing trees need to be staked out with guy wire for stability. Small trees can be staked using two lodgepole stakes to stabilize them. Trees over a year old can benefit from guy wires too. For maximum stability, trees should be staked out at three separate points that are out of range of the root system.

If you are unsure of how to stake your trees, consult a landscaper to help you secure your trees during the monsoon. You may want to have the ties and stakes adjusted or removed when the monsoon storms are over since tree growth can be inhibited by ties.

Trimming Trees

Monsoon storms can create wind gusts. You will see large tree branches blowing when winds are at 30 miles per hour. When wind speed increases, the entire tree will move to cause structural damage.  Winds above 50 miles per hour can uproot an entire tree.

You can control how your trees are prepared for these wind gusts. Trim back branches and thin out treetops to improve how much wind can pass through them. Decreasing this resistance may give your trees a better chance of surviving the monsoon and staying rooted.

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