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Trim Your Trees Before Spring

This is the month to trim your trees. Trimming trees will encourage them to grow strong and healthy.  Trimming will allow trees to withstand harsh weather and not become uprooted.  This is especially important if they are located around your house or other structures.

In addition, tree trimming adds aesthetic beauty to your property creating a fuller tree with great structure and provide shade.

The Best Time to Trim

Trim your trees before spring.Major pruning should be done between late fall through March 1st. Minor pruning can be done year-round.

We recommend that you do some arbor research before pulling out the pruners.  Research can be acquired from online, through books or the library, or by consulting a professional arborist.

Major Tree Trimming

When tree growth has gotten out of hand you will need a different approach than normal trimming.

First, remove all scraggly, weak, and dead branches. Cut them flush with large branches or the trunk.

Second, you will want to reduce the size of the full canopy by approximately a third.  Begin by cutting growth on the outer portions of larger branches. Then work your way into the target point. Cutting smaller portions will make removal easier as well as relieve tension gradually which is much safer.

Third, keep overall trimming as symmetrical as possible for the best appearance. Any branches you want to remove totally should be cut flush with the larger branch being left.  It is important to avoid cutting a branch at a midpoint. Always try to find a joint to make the cut.

Finally, give your tree a long deep watering after pruning. Consider fertilizing the tree around mid-April.

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