Cover Ground with These Grass Alternatives

Cover Ground with These Grass Alternatives

In the U.S., tens of millions of acres are covered by turfgrass. Lawns are a practical and enjoyable feature of the landscaping in areas that receive steady rainfall, but in the southwest, grass alternatives are far more practical. Plus, you won’t need to mow them every week. Check with a landscaping company to find out about native plants that withstand drought conditions well and offer aesthetic appeal for your outdoor spaces.

Green Carpet

This plant, known by its scientific name, Carissa macrocarpa, features dark green leaves that contrast wonderfully against a desert landscape. It’s a low-growing shrub that can also be used as a ground cover. As its white blooms die, you can remove them to encourage new blooms to grow. And if you plant it in a raised planter, the long branches will grow to drape over the sides in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Damianita Daisy

The Damianita daisy, or Chysactiana mexicana, is true to its name. It sports bright, yellow, daisy-like blooms in the spring and fall. This is a sun-loving, low-lying shrub that is much beloved by commercial landscapers because of its durability. It’s very tolerant of extreme heat. Although the Damianita daisy is low-maintenance, it does benefit from a light shearing in the late spring.

Myoporum Parvifolium

Myoporum is a native of Australia, which means it performs well in Arizona landscapes. It’s an ideal ground cover plant that grows at a moderate pace and works well in all sorts of landscape designs. This plant is an evergreen, with dense clusters of green leaves. Expect tiny white flowers to bloom during the summer. As the flowers die, they are replaced by purple fruits that create a pleasant visual contrast.

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