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How to Achieve a Mediterranean Style in Your Yard

How to Achieve a Mediterranean Style in Your YardMediterranean landscapes are a delight for the senses. They are characterized by soft colors, gravel walkways, and plantings with fragrant scents. Since Mediterranean gardens are traditionally drought-tolerant, this look works well for homes in the Tucson area.


Pergolas are decorative structures covered by fragrant, climbing plants that offer plenty of shade. Place patio furniture underneath the pergola to create an inviting sanctuary in your outdoor space. Many different plants are well-suited to climbing up a pergola. Consider the following choices:

  • Chinese trumpet vine: Beautiful orange or red flowers
  • Golden hop: Pale green flowers and golden leaves
  • Morning glory: Heart-shaped leaves for shade and softly colored flowers
  • Common jasmine: Clusters of white flowers that give off a pleasant scent
  • Climbing roses: Many varieties and color options to choose from

Gravel and Tile Walkways

Much like landscapers in the southwestern U.S., gardeners in the Mediterranean region have traditionally reduced or eliminated grass lawns. Instead, they rely on gravel floors and walkways to connect landscape features like seating areas and potted gardens. The use of brightly colored paving tiles in outdoor spaces is also consistent with the Mediterranean style, as is the intricate designs of cobble and pebble mosaics.

Container Gardens

No genuine Mediterranean garden is complete without a few terracotta pots and jars. From large urns to graceful garden vases, terracotta containers are ideal for creating dramatic focal points. In the dry desert heat, clay pots are preferable to plastic imitations.

Raised Beds

A raised bed can be created with beautiful stone, similar to a retaining wall. Raised beds add aesthetic appeal to the Mediterranean landscape. They’re also quite practical since there’s no need to stoop over to tend to the plants. Use raised beds to show off drought-tolerant plants like succulents.

Santa Rita Landscaping offers custom landscape design for homeowners and businesses in the Tucson area. We can recreate the tranquil ambiance of the Mediterranean in your yard! Call (520) 623-0421 or fill out the online design questionnaire.

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