Visiting Sansoucci Park

Visiting Sansoucci Park

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, built the grand Sansoucci Palace during the mid-18th century. Located in Potsdam, Germany, it served as a retreat away from the pressures of public life in Berlin. The beautiful grounds surrounding the palace, Sansoucci Park, have become world-renowned for exquisite views and lavish landscaping. Today, over one million visitors each year visit the gardens and palace, which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Getting to Know Sansoucci Park

Sansoucci Park spans over a mile. As visitors take a leisurely stroll along the grounds, they can see the famed terraces, which pay homage to the grand fountain at the center. A walk through the park is a walk back in time. Visitors can see the major influences of Frederick the Great’s aesthetic intertwined with subsequent expansions by King Frederick William IV. The latter ruler expanded the gardens, created the landscaped park, and dotted the grounds with buildings reminiscent of Neoclassicism and German Romanticism. Sansoucci Park is also famed for its more than 1,000 sculptures.

Viewing the Gardens

Nearly 60 gardeners tend to the grounds throughout the year. Visitors will enjoy the beautiful meadows, carefully tended flowerbeds, and terraced vineyards. The gardens are home to an incredible diversity of plant life, including striking fig trees, yew trees, box hedging, and all sorts of flowers.

Getting There

Sansoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany is open year-round, seven days per week from 8:00 am until dusk. It’s wheelchair accessible with assistance. Guided tours are available, including special options for groups. Entrance is free, but donations are encouraged.

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