Overseeding your lawn for fall

Overseeding Your Lawn for Fall

Have you ever wondered why your lawn turns a dingy brown in the wintertime while your neighbor maintains a lush, green lawn year-round? The answer involves one simple practice, but it’s something that many homeowners neglect in the early fall (generally September 15th through October 15th) — overseeding. Overseeding simply means spreading ryegrass seeds over your lawn to encourage new growth, prevent thinning, and keep that beautiful green color you envy in your neighbor’s yard. We’ll take a look at how to use this practice properly to keep your lawn looking great until spring.

Cut grass short and remove the clippings (dethatching).

To ensure that seeds make their way to the soil, you must first cut your existing lawn. You should set your mower with no more than two inches of clearance and remove the clippings and dead thatch from the lawn as you mow.

Test soil in problem areas.

If you notice patches with consistently brown or thinning grass, the soil may be a problem. Before applying new seed, test these areas to ensure that the soil is healthy and ready to grow healthy new grass.

Seed and fertilize evenly.

Once your lawn has been adequately prepared, you will want to evenly spread seeds over the grass and then fertilize with starter fertilizer in seeded areas. For small patches, you can seed by hand. In larger lawns, a broadcast spreader may be needed.

Water your lawn regularly.

With newly seeded lawns, you need a consistent watering schedule. Light, frequent waterings are ideal, as you don’t want too much moisture wilting the new grass.

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