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How Unkept Landscaping Can Cost You

Has it been a while since you’ve had a landscaper get to work on your property? An overgrown lawn and out-of-control weeds can cost you in more ways than one. Not only do you risk annoying your neighbors, but the city of Tucson just might decide to fine you. Plus, if you’re considering selling your home, unkempt landscaping could deter potential buyers and lower your home’s value.

Unkempt Landscaping Code in Tucson

The municipality of Tucson requires property owners, lessees, and residents to maintain the vegetation around the building. This section of the city code is designed to minimize potential fire, safety, and health hazards, and to discourage vermin from taking up residency at the property or the neighboring land. Tucson considers the following vegetation-related problems to be in violation of the city code:

  • Grass taller than six inches
  • Weeds taller than six inches
  • Dead trees and dead shrubs
  • Dead palm fronds within 10 feet of the ground, wall, or any combustible structure
  • Any vegetation that may obstruct the use of the sidewalk, street, alley, or traffic lights

Fines for Violations

If any homeowner is found in violation of the city code, a city official can issue a notice of violation. This notice describes the conditions that need to be remedied and sets a deadline for correcting them. If the homeowner does not take the required steps within that time period, the city can issue fines and possibly file criminal charges.

Potential Liability Issues of Your Home

In addition to municipal fines, unkempt landscaping may lead to liability issues. Property owners are required to maintain the grounds in a reasonably safe condition. If someone sustains an injury due to unkempt landscaping, then you may be subject to a civil lawsuit. For example, if an overgrown shrub obstructs a street light, traffic light, or traffic sign, it may contribute to an accident.

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