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Commercial Landscaping Ideas to increase accessibility

Commercial Landscaping Ideas to Increase Accessibility

When you design a commercial landscape for your Tucson office building or retail space, you not only need to think about the aesthetic components of your design, but you should also consider the functionality of it. All types of people may need to visit your business, so your landscape should create accessible pathways and minimize potential hazards, reducing your chances of facing liabilities due to inaccessibility or accidents and injuries on site. Your professional landscaping team can work with you to create the ideal design, which may include the following:

Pathfinding Lighting

Your landscape should be well lit, especially if your business is open early in the morning or in the evening. It is particularly important to incorporate downward-facing light fixtures along pathways and in the parking lot, so visitors can easily find their way to the entrance and avoid any hazards in the walkway.

Ample Pathways and Ramps

Your hardscaping is just as important—if not even more essential—than the natural features of your landscape. This includes all concrete walls, walkways, and ramps that may be incorporated into the design to ensure that people of all capabilities can get from the parking lot to your door. You do not have to compromise design to remain compliant with ADA regulations, so be sure to emphasize your creative vision as you discuss hardscaping ideas.

Shaded Seating Areas

If you have an ample outdoor area at your business, it may be nice for visitors to sit down outside and enjoy the scenery. Placing benches and other seating features under trees or patio structures can be a great way to open up space and make it more inviting for visitors.

Your commercial landscape is a reflection of your business as a whole, so give it the attention it deserves with Santa Rita Landscaping. To consult us about your design or landscape maintenance, give us a call at (520) 623-0421.

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