Exploring Na ‘Aina Kai

Exploring Na ‘Aina Kai

The inspiration for your residential or commercial landscape may come from anywhere, including the secluded and peaceful tropical paradise of Hawaii. That’s where you’ll find Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens & Sculpture Park, which is located on the beautiful island of Kauai. The gardens are open to the public, but only through private, guided tours, which help to promote the sustainability of the gardens and educate visitors about the unique landscape of the area and the distinctive sculptures throughout 240 acres.

Humble Beginnings

Na ‘Aina Kai began as the retirement home of Joyce and Ed Doty, who moved to Kauai from Northern California in 1982. The gardens began as a landscaping project and grew to become a diverse showcase of various landscapes, which were eventually donated in their entirety to a not-for-profit organization created by the Doty’s.

A Sustainable Future

The gardens have grown and evolved through the years and include features such as a lagoon designed to attract tropical birds, a Poinciana maze, and a breathtaking manmade waterfall. Each of these features was crafted not only to showcase the beauty of the Hawaiian landscape but also to promote a sustainable future and educate visitors about the resources of the United States’ most treasured island state.

Unique Artistic Features

Of course, Na ‘Aina Kai is not just landscaping. It features one of the largest collections of bronze statues in the country. These statues range from humbly small to impressively large, and they enhance the amazing natural beauty of the tropical flora and fauna surrounding them.

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