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Discover the California Academy of Science’s Living Roof

Some of the most amazing gardens in the world are in places you would never expect. One such example is outside of San Francisco at the California Academy of Science. Here, you can find an incredible rooftop garden on the school’s living roof, which is not only a sight to behold but also a stunning example of eco-friendly architecture and exceptional landscape design. Keep reading for a more detailed description of this rooftop spectacle, which may inspire your own unique landscape features at home.

A distinctive rooftop design

Living roofs are a growing trend, but the California Academy of Science’s stands out because it incorporates many native plants and a multi-layer natural irrigation system. The roof also functions as an excellent insulator, keeping the building below about 10 degrees cooler than any other roof would. It is this quality that gave the building LEED Platinum certification in 2008, which is the highest level of certification possible, indicating the exceptionally eco-friendly qualities of the design.

A seamless transition into the natural landscape

Another feature that sets this living roof apart is its integration into the surrounding landscape. The California Academy of Science sits in front of the backdrop of the hills of Northern California, so the roof features slopes to promote better drainage and match the surrounding geological features. There is also an open-air observation deck built into the roof, so visitors can view birds, bees, and other flying wildlife that is attracted by the native plants in the garden.

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