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What Type of Landscape Design Is Right for You?

There are many types of landscape designs taken from around the world, and many can do well no matter the climate. With the help of an experienced landscaper, homeowners can create a tropical paradise, a Southwestern escape, or a Japanese garden in their backyards. Read on to see different landscape designs.

Southwest Landscape

Southwest is, understandably, a popular design option for Tucson properties. It generally uses Southwestern or desert plants along with graveled pathways and hardscape additions. However, the Southwest landscape design will often incorporate popular design qualities found in architecture and color schemes. For example, Southwest landscapes might feature pinks, oranges, stucco, and stepped walls.

Japanese Garden

Japanese garden designs follow various principles that create a garden filled with symbolism and meant for devoted contemplation. There are a few different types of Japanese garden designs and themes to look for inspiration. For example, rock gardens, Oriental architecture, and hardscapes can create attractive Japanese gardens for any yard. It is important to work with a skilled landscaper who can properly care for the plants and hardscapes.

Xeriscape Design

Technically, xeriscape is considered more of a method of water conservation planting rather than a type of landscape design. However, many landscapers blend Southwest landscapes and xeriscape together into a cohesive design. Xeriscaped properties will use drought-resistant and desert plants along with gravel and hardscapes to take the most advantage of water.

Tropical Landscape

Tropical and Mediterranean designs feature large plants, bright-colored flowers, and clean architectural lines. These designs are popular around the world, and they can be easily incorporated into a Southwestern landscape with white, stucco walls and large, green plants.

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