Make the Summer Monsoons Work for Your Yard

Arizona’s summer monsoons provide the desert with much-needed water, but that water is not always put to the best use. You can ensure that your landscape takes advantage of monsoon rainwater, and save on your water bill for the summer, with helpful steps below.

Invest in a Collection System

Rainwater collection systems are a great way to take the water falling off your roof or directly from the sky and contain it in a large barrel. Most barrel collection systems will be placed under or attached to a downspout off your house’s gutters. The rainwater will travel down the roof and into one or more barrels. The water can then be used to water plants in the yard or in pots. This water can also be used for drinking water, but it must be properly sanitized before consumption.

Set up Rainwater Irrigation

You can also take greater advantage of monsoon rain by setting up irrigation hoses throughout your property. These hoses will be attached to the collection barrels or directly to the downspouts. As long as the hoses are on a downgrade toward your lawn or garden, then the water will easily flow into basins for maximum water collection at the roots. This method can be best used watering your plants that require more water and are still growing.

Work with Expert Landscapers

Working with a landscaper experienced in Southwest climates and landscapes will be the best choice to ensure your yard takes full advantage of monsoon rains. Southwestern landscapers can properly grade your property so the water flows to your plants, and they can help you choose drought-resistant plants that can survive when water is scarce.

Santa Rita Landscaping can help you have a beautiful and water-conservative yard in Tucson, AZ. We have been working in Tucson since 1985, and our founders have experience and degrees in Tucson water conservation. Please call us at (520) 623-0421 to learn how we can help make the monsoons work for you.

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