Look at Your Different Hardscaping Options

Hardscapes are a great addition to every landscape, because they allow for places to walk, sit, and provide shade. You can add pavers, decks, pergolas, and so much more to make your landscape more attractive. Let’s take a closer look at your hardscaping options.


There are countless types of pavers that can be used for a patio, walkway, or driveway. Paving stones—such as Turfstone-Permeable pavers and Non-Tumbled Catalina Valencia pavers—can provide a natural or classic look to your landscape.


Fences come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Even if you have a cement block wall surrounding your property, you can enhance the landscape with smaller fences around a garden, patio, or pool. If you design a fence to surround a pool, then ensure it meets the requirements set forth by state safety regulations.


Decks are another type of patio that are typically raised above the rest of the property. Decks are a great addition if you want a greater view of your entire landscape or pool area. They are also a great fit for smaller backyards to give you more room for your landscaping.


Keep your paved walkways shaded with arbors located around the property. These quaint hardscape additions are generally made in a lattice construction to allow for climbing and vining plants. This is a beautiful hardscape option to provide shade and areas for attractive greenery throughout your yard.


Pergolas, gazebos, and ramadas are larger hardscape structures that usually provide shade and a place for furniture. Pergolas are like arbors, because they may have a slatted or lattice roof that climbing plants can be trained to cover.

Learn about all your hardscape options with the knowledgeable landscaping crew of Santa Rita Landscaping. We specialize in commercial and residential landscape design and construction, so we know the best hardscapes for Tucson, AZ. Please call us at (520) 623-0421 to get started.

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