What to Do If Your Plants Are Overexposed to Heat This Summer

Tucson summers can destroy certain plants and landscapes with the excessive heat and damaging sun rays. Your plants may start wilting or even look “sunburned” if they are not cared for properly by a professional landscaper. To prevent the disappointment of a burned summer garden, here are some quick tips to help your plants recover from heat and sun exposure:

Find Some Shade
Sun sensitive plants need immediate shade after overexposure to the sun. If the plants are potted, then move them to a covered porch or indoors. If the plants are in the ground, then cover them with a fabric sun screen that is rated for landscaping. Watch the plants over the next few days to see how well they respond. They may soon need to be placed back into indirect or minimal sunlight.

Water the Soil
Give your plants plenty of water throughout the day during their recovery period. The soil may have hardened due to excessive drying, so you may need to soak the ground a few times to hydrate the roots. Add water to the entire plant to cool it off. Ensure the water spray is light and will not damage any sensitive foliage.

Trim Dead Leaves
Dead or scorched leaves and foliage take a toll on your plants. They require the plants to spend more energy that could otherwise be dedicated to healthy remaining parts. Use gardening shears to cleanly cut off these dead and dying areas. This will allow your plants to focus their energy on staying healthy.

Spread Some Mulch (Decorative Rock or Wood Mulch)
Mulch is a crucial element of plants and trees that are growing outdoors. Mulch helps contain the moisture in the soil and protects the plants’ surface roots from the sun. Ensure you have sufficient mulch covering the entire watering basin of each plant.

Don’t let this summer’s heat destroy your yard. Trust the expert landscapers of Santa Rita Landscaping to keep your yard healthy and beautiful year-round. Call us at (520) 623-0421 to schedule a consultation right away.

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