Choosing the Right Plants to Add Color to Your Desert Garden

The Southwest desert is filled with color from beautiful cacti to green trees to blooming plants. You can add this color to your property with a few hardy plants that do well in Tucson’s sun and water conditions. Here is a brief look at some colorful and beautiful desert plants for your garden:

Yellow Columbine – Salvia Greggii
Yellow columbine flowers are dainty in appearance, but they are tough against Arizona’s heat. These pretty, yellow flowers can grow to about three feet tall, and they attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. Your landscaper can also encourage year-round blooms by deadheading the dead flowers.

Lantana Montevidensis
Lantana Montevidensis are a type of groundcover plant that produces dark red blooms. Groundcover plants are a great choice for your desert garden if you frequently have encroaching weeds. Even when the Lantana Montevidensis are not blooming, the groundcover foliage is still attractive and productive in your garden.

Bunny Ears Cactus
There are many types of flowering cactus that will add color to your garden. If you typically stay away from cactus due to the spines, then bunny ears cactus is the right choice. This evergreen cactus rarely has spines, and it produces large yellow flowers throughout the spring and summer.

Agastaches – Red Yucca Hesperaloe Parviflora
Agastaches can add a variety of colors to your desert garden throughout the summer. This plant is drought-resistant, and it can produce orange, red, and apricot colors in its tubular blooms. Agastaches may grow to four feet tall, and they thrive best in full sun.

Indian Paintbrush – Baja Fairy Duster Calliandra Californica
Indian paintbrush plants can keep your garden colorful from spring into the winter frost. They attract hummingbirds with their bright red blooms, and they do well in full sun and low-water conditions.

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