How to Protect Your Yard from the Harsh Summer Heat | 2017

How to Protect Your Yard from the Harsh Summer Heat

Tucson’s summer sun and heat is here, so it is important to prepare your yard for the harsh conditions. Your Tucson landscaper can help you set up a timed watering schedule, add rock mulch, and place shades around sensitive plants. Here is a closer look at how to protect your yard this summer.

Time Your Watering

Water is the most important ingredient to live a healthy lifestyle, and that is the same for your plants. However, you must time your daily watering so your plants receive the most benefits. For example, watering during the hottest times of the day will actually waste water and money, and the water will dry up before it can benefit your plants. Water your plants during the cooler mornings and evenings, so they can receive the most benefits. Your landscaper can set up an irrigation system or sprinkler to water your plants during these times.

Add Thick Rock Mulch

Mulch refers to an added layer of insulation that surrounds your plants and trees. This layer keeps the soil moist, and it protects your plants’ vulnerable roots from hot and cold temperatures. There are many types of mulch that will benefit your plants and add some color to your yard. A common Tucson mulch would be gravel. In addition to these rock mulches, you may also choose grass clippings, wood mulch, straw, compost, and shredded newspaper.

Provide Shade

Providing ample shade is another requirement to protect sensitive plants this summer. Plants can get sunburned and stop flowering if they become overheated or sunburned. You can prevent this by placing shade cloth over your sensitive plants and gardens during the hottest part of the day. Your landscaper can recommend ultraviolet-rated plant covers, shade trees, and patio umbrellas to keep your plants protected.

Work with Santa Rita Landscaping to keep your yard protected and beautiful year-round in Tucson, AZ. We have over 30 years in business as Tucson’s premier landscapers, so we know how to keep Tucson plants healthy. Please call us at (520) 623-0421 to schedule our services.

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