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Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Whether you have a minimal-looking landscape or an illustrious green paradise, you should prepare it for the coming winter. Raking, overseeding, and frequent irrigation checks are crucial if you want to maintain the look and function of your yard. Continue reading to learn more about preparing your yard for winter.

Rake Regularly

As the leaves begin to fall, they will collect all over your yard. With dead leaves and yard debris clogging up your yard, the grass and plants become choked against the outside air and sunlight. These same areas may also experience mold and rot if they are too damp; this could kill whatever plants you do have. Ensure that your yard is raked regularly during the winter, and do not leave piles of leaves around the yard. You could end up with dead spots in your yard or lawn, as well as a perfect breeding ground for cockroaches and other bugs.

Overseed the Grass

If you have a grass lawn, then winter is the time to prepare it for spring. Make sure the grass is mown low, so that the weak sunlight can reach the roots. Aerate the lawn too, and then overseed the entire area with Rye grass seeds. Go over your grass lawn several times to ensure you have full coverage, and water your lawn well. This will help the grass to become accustomed to the ground before the winter cold begins.

Check on Irrigation

Many landscape designs are built with an irrigation system. This system may be located underground or above ground, but it can water your plants, trees, and lawn on a timer or with a twist of the spigot. Though Tucson does not experience frequent freezes, there are usually a few frost warnings throughout each winter. Ensure that your outside plumbing and irrigation is insulated against freezing, and check on your irrigation frequently during the winter.

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