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Sanssouci Palace Gardens

Built between 1745 and 1747, the Sanssouci Palace served as a summer retreat for Frederick the Great. The palace, located in Potsdam near the city of Berlin, is said to rival the French palace at Versailles. In addition to the ten-roomed single-story villa that served as Frederick’s summer home, the property also contains terraced vineyards as well as an ornamental garden, a functional kitchen garden, and a large central fountain. Read on for a closer look at the features of this amazing garden in Germany.

The Vineyards

In 1744, Frederick the Great ordered the land behind his villa converted into vineyards. The final vineyard design was comprised of three large curved terraces to maximize sun exposure for the plants, which included vines from Italy, France, and Portugal. Between each terrace lies a strip of cultivated lawn, as well as several ornamental yew trees.

The Baroque Gardens

In 1745, Frederick added a Baroque ornamental garden to the property. This garden, which was designed to mimic the parterre of Versailles, contains flowers, shrubs, and statues, and is designed for aesthetic enjoyment during leisurely strolls or picnics.

The Great Fountain

The Great Fountain, located at the center of the ornamental garden, was constructed in 1748. However, due to a lack of knowledge regarding hydraulic design, the engineers had trouble activating the fountain itself. Regardless of its lack of play, the Great Fountain remained a centerpiece of the garden, and contains several marble statues presented by King Louis XV of France.


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