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Rainwater Harvesting Tips

Living in Tucson means that homeowners need to take extra care with their water use, especially when it comes to landscape maintenance. One of the best ways to reduce your water use is to take advantage of natural rainfall with rainwater harvesting system, which allows you to water your plants for days or even weeks after a storm. Continue reading for a few tips on how to collect the most rainwater and use it efficiently.

Use the Right Equipment

Building a rainwater harvesting system is not as simple as placing a bucket on the side of your house or in the middle of your yard. To collect rainwater, you need a large barrel that will resist leaking water and will not contaminate your water with toxins. You will also need a spigot to release water, along with a hose and hose adaptor to water your garden. You should also consider installing mesh over the barrel to filter the rainwater and deter larger animals and insects from crawling in the barrel.

Keep It Covered

With standing water in your yard, it may attract mosquitoes, frogs, and many other insects and small creatures. To keep these annoying pests from your rainwater harvest, install a hose from the gutter directly into the barrel, and keep the barrel closed at all times. This will keep bugs from getting in your system, and it will make your system more efficient at collecting rainwater runoff.

Consider Professional Installation

Hiring a professional landscaper to design your yard is essential to gaining the look and feel you want on your property. Consider hiring your landscapers to build a properly-functioning rainwater harvesting system. These professionals can ensure your property is level, the system is efficient, and that your landscape is receiving the best amount of water possible. When they come back for landscape maintenance, they can check on the rainwater system for possible repairs and upkeep.

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