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Why Your Home’s Curb Appeal Matters

Your home’s curb appeal, meaning what people see of your home when viewing it from the street, is important for a few different reasons. A home’s curb appeal and landscaping may influence a number of factors, such as following the rules set forth by your home owners association or increasing your home’s value.

Increase Home Value

When homeowners plan to sell their homes, they have to consider the exterior of their home, as well as the interior. A first impression can make or break a sale on a home. If landscaping maintenance is not continued, or the exterior painting is dingy, many prospective homebuyers will not want to walk through the front door to see the inside. Maintain your home’s exterior—the landscape and the house itself—to maintain and increase the value of your home for when you decide to sell it.

Impress Your Guests and Neighbors

In addition to increasing your home’s resale value, you can impress your guests and neighbors with a well-maintained yard. With professional landscaping and maintenance, your front yard will have a consistent and beautiful look to it that will impress your guests as they pull up to your home. Your neighbors will also enjoy seeing your front yard every day as they drive by or walk their dogs. Professional landscaping is a great way to make a name for yourself in your neighborhood and among your friends.

Please Your Home Owners Association

Many of Tucson’s residents are part of a homeowners’ association, also called a HOA. These neighborhood-run organizations maintain the neighborhood’s common areas and make sure the houses are up to a certain standard throughout the neighborhood. By hiring a professional landscaper, you can ensure that your home is up to the required look and standards set by your HOA. This is important to keep from suffering potential fines and maintaining your neighborhood’s beautiful design.

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