Mottisfont Abbey Rose Gardens

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The Mottisfont Abbey is a popular historical priory in Hampshire, England, which is located in the River Test Valley. The lands are operated by the National Trust, and they are visited by about 200,000 guests each year. In addition to the beautiful historic home, guests are welcomed by the manicured lands surrounding the abbey, which include fairytale-like wooded areas, riverside gardens, an extensive lawn for picnicking, and a romantic rose garden. Read on to see the extraordinary features of these famous lands, which may serve as inspiration for your own garden at home.

Walled Rose Garden

The walled rose garden houses many different rose species in an old fashioned landscape designed by Graham Stuart Thomas. The garden is maintained by a dedicated head gardener, who ensures the health and beauty of a wide range of stunning rose varieties.

Riverside Walk

Guests can easily stroll down to the River Test, which is lined with a gorgeous river walk featuring a rustic fishing hut tucked away in the lush natural landscape. There is a dedicated River Keeper among the landscaping team, who helps to preserve the natural beauty of the wooded area for years to come.

Winter Garden

The winter garden showcases the beauty of the colder season with a variety of shrubs and perennials planted in unique ways and blended with rare specimens for a distinctive aesthetic. The garden showcases a surprising amount of color and is lined with a path that guides visitors through the unique landscape.

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