Native Trees for Your Tucson Landscaping

Honey locust,close up

The best landscape design is one that utilizes trees and plants which are native to the surrounding area. Native landscaping in Tucson not only ensures that your home or business will reflect the natural beauty of Southern Arizona, but also that the trees and plants you select are equipped to survive harsh desert conditions. A landscape design company in Tucson can help you select the best trees for your home or business, but in the meantime this blog post will help you start thinking about some of the best and most popular native trees for an authentic and drought-resistant Southern Arizona landscape design.

  • Mesquite Trees – Mesquite trees are among the most easily recognizable and widely used trees in Tucson. Native mesquite trees like the Velvet Mesquite and Screwbean Mesquite are multi-trunked and provide excellent shade beneath their canopies, making them ideal garden trees. Mesquites develop deep roots, which means you don’t need to worry about these trees blowing over during monsoon season in Tucson.
  • Acacia Trees – Acacias are another popular tree species native to Southern Arizona. Native acacia trees such as the Cat Claw Acacia and White Thorn Acacia grow between 10 and 20 feet tall. Because of the sharp thorns found on acacia trees, they work very well as security trees along a perimeter fence.
  • Palo Verde Trees – Native palo verde trees like the Foothills Palo Verde and Blue Palo Verde grow up to 30 feet tall and produce edible flowers and seeds. The colorful bark of the palo verde tree is even more striking come spring when the flowers turn yellow. Like mesquites, palo verde trees are multi-trunked and make for great shade trees, especially in a garden or common outdoor seating area.

These are just a few of the native trees that can be used around your home or business. To learn more about these and other Southern Arizona trees, contact the Tucson landscape design experts at Santa Rita Landscaping, Inc. Our mission is to provide extraordinary results for our customers. Contact us online or call us at (520) 623-0421 to learn more about our landscape design and maintenance services.

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