Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden

When most people think of the desert, they envision a barren wasteland of little more than sand and tumbleweeds. However, dwellers of the Sonoran Desert know that the desert landscape is a diverse and unique biome bursting with distinctive plant and animal life. At the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, visitors can explore the amazing array of plant life that thrives in the hot, dry desert climate not unlike that of Tucson. This garden spans 140 acres and is a designated Phoenix Point of Pride that attracts visitors all year long. Read on to get to know more about the Desert Botanical Garden and get some inspiration for your own desert landscape at home.

Garden History

The Desert Botanical Garden was formed when a group of local Phoenicians began conservation efforts to protect the fragile desert environment with the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society. One member of the society, Gertrude Webster, became invested in seeking financial support through her social connections, and her contributions led to the establishment of the park.

Special Garden Features

The most notable features of the Botanical Garden are an extensive collection of agave totaling 176 taxa and cacti totaling 1.350 taxa. In addition to an array of plants native to the Sonoran Desert, the garden showcases plants from deserts of less extreme climate conditions in shade-protected areas. These include an Australian, Baja California, and South American collection, which represent the mesquite bosque, semi-desert grassland, and upland chaparral ecosystems. Visitors can explore these exhibitions through a series of trails that wind throughout the gardens.

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