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The Summer Garden


The Summer Garden is a historical park located on an island between the Fontanka, Moika and the Swan Canal in Saint Petersburg. The property also contains the Summer Palace of Peter the Great, which was originally designed in 1704 by Czar Peter in conjunction with renowned architect, Domenico Trezzini. Today the palace and garden are leading attractions in the city, offering a romantic atmosphere that may inspire your own landscape. Keep reading to get a closer look at the history of the Summer Garden and the unique features of this quiet retreat nestled in the busy city of St. Petersburg.

European inspiration

Czar Peter designed his garden with inspiration from the royal parks he had visited throughout Europe. Because St. Petersburg was already known as “Venice of the North,” the garden and palace borrowed the latest European trends with lavish marble statues and fountains alongside tall trees and flowering bushes. The palace itself was built between 1710 and 1714, and it is a 2-storey building with 7 rooms on each floor. Following WWII, the palace and garden were carefully restored with a number of 18th century artifacts, some of which were personally owned by Peter the Great himself.

Historical artifacts

Throughout the garden, guests can stroll the alleys of the property and view a number of 18th century sculptures and marble structures. For a period in the 19th century, the garden was rearranged and taken away from its original design, but revitalization took place in the later 20th century to restore the historical aesthetics of the palace and park, which is open to the public.

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