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Making the Most of Abundant Backyard Space

Making the Most of Abundant Backyard SpaceIt is not uncommon for Tucson homes to feature large backyards, which can pose some distinct challenges when it comes to landscape design. Without the right layout, a large backyard can lack focus or look too busy, so you might take advantage of the tips below to create a more functional, beautiful space.

Go for mixed surfaces

One of the many advantages that comes with a big yard is the ability to mix themes, colors, and textures throughout the space. To pull this off successfully, you might dedicate certain “rooms” in the backyard to determine the best surfaces. You might blend a small lawn, gravel, concrete pavers, and garden beds within the same yard to reduce the feeling of a big empty desert space.

Add functional space

In keeping with the theme of designing outdoor rooms, you might consider how you want to use your backyard space. Seating areas, herb and vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and play areas are all great uses of outdoor space that can expand the functional areas of your home. If you have more space than you know what to do with, you might utilize native plants to fill in areas along the bordering areas of your property.

Explore curvilinear design

A boxy layout can force awkward features into the yard, while a curvilinear design might offer a more natural aesthetic for a wide, open space. Boundary lines on larger properties are often curved rather than rectangular, so it will make sense to move away from a strictly square design.
As you consider design choices for your backyard space, Santa Rita Landscaping can offer expertise in lasting design, native plant choices, and hardscaping projects. You can reach us on our website or by calling (520) 623-0421. In addition to residential landscape design, we offer commercial landscape construction and maintenance in Southern Arizona.

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