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Dubai Miracle Garden


The entire city of Dubai may be considered something of a miracle, since the Middle Eastern city sits upon a harsh desert landscape, where summer temperatures regularly average 104 degrees. Despite the extreme temperatures and harsh climate of the city, it is home to some of the most ambitious and technologically advanced engineering projects in the world, including the Dubai Miracle Garden, which contains the largest natural flower garden on the planet. Since opening in 2013, the Dubai Miracle Garden has attracted visitors from around the world to see the stunning attractions discussed below.


Floral Clock

Among the 45 million flowers spanning 72,000 square meters of land is the impressive Floral Clock, which is 13 meters in diameter and made from real plants with flowers that are changed seasonally twice per year. This feature and the amazing wealth of flowers and trees contained in the garden are maintained through a drip system that reuses waste water to sustain a lush landscape in the desert climate.


There are many unique colorful features along the four kilometers of walkways that weave through the gardens, including 3 peacocks crafted from flowers. Two are displayed with open tails spanning 12 meters in diameter, and one has a closed tail of 13 meters in length.

Butterfly Park

One of the later features of the Dubai Miracle Garden is the Dubai Butterfly Garden, which is another record-breaking attraction as the world’s largest indoor butterfly garden and sanctuary for 15,000 butterflies representing 26 different species.

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