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Planning a Smart Landscape Design

A landscaped and well-maintained outdoor space can be a big selling point for a home with lasting property value, but there may be some challenges that come up in designing your home’s landscape. You will want to find a balance between what is most practical, what is most aesthetically appealing, and what fits your budget. To achieve these goals, follow these steps in your planning for any Tucson landscape project.

Plan around focal points

A successful landscape design will have a focal point that stands out among other features while simultaneously tying the whole picture together. Whether the focal point is a city view from the foothills, a custom water feature, or a century-old saguaro, you should start and end your design with the centerpiece in mind.

Avoid excessive symmetry and curves

Symmetrical gardens are difficult to design and maintain, and they are not ideal for a desert-friendly landscape. Alternatively, a landscape design that makes liberal use of curves and wavy lines can look messy and disorganized. Long, gentle curves in pathways or raised gardens will provide a beautiful component to your non-symmetrical design without creating too much clutter.

Bring life to the landscape

Along with living plants, you will want to attract local wildlife to your outdoor space with flowers that appeal to hummingbirds and bees, water features to bring in larger birds, or a brightly colored garden for butterflies. Living elements in your landscape will keep movement in the space and help to maintain the natural aesthetic of the land around your home.
Santa Rita Landscaping can help you plan and execute landscaping projects of all sizes with our team of custom residential and commercial landscaping experts. With an eye for native plants and other eco-friendly features, we can let you embrace the beauty of Southern Arizona while creating a manicured around your house. To begin discussing your project, give us a call at 520-623-0421.

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