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Exploring England’s Historic Kew Gardens

With the right landscape design, you can transform an outdoor area into a peaceful and beautiful oasis. If you need some help deciding on the right design for your outdoor area, you might want to explore some of the world’s most famous gardens. Keep reading to learn more about England’s historic Kew Gardens and why they are a favorite to so many:

Huge Expanses of Beautiful Plant Life

Kew Gardens expands for more than 130 hectares to give its patrons stunning views of landscapes, gardens, tropical glasshouses, and a treetop walkway. There are also cafes, restaurants, art galleries, a lake, and water lily pools so guests can spend the entire day wandering through the lustrous grounds. Everywhere you look in the gardens has some landscaping feature that makes the excursion special and unique.

An Amazing Array of Plant Life

Because of the glasshouses, Kew Gardens is able to include plant life from all over the world. The Palm House lets guests walk through a tropical rainforest without even leaving London. The Princess of Wales Conservatory has plants from 10 climatic zones located in one large glasshouse.

An Immersion of History

The Gardens are one of the most famous spots in London because they create a picture-perfect snapshot of some of England’s most notorious history through its plant life. The next time you are in London, carve out some time to spend wandering the gardens and enjoying the unique beauty of the English landscape. Walking through the gardens gives you a connection to people in the past who have done the same thing.

photo from www.kew.org

photo from www.kew.org

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