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Keukenhof Gardens: The Garden of Europe

Keukenhof_340The Keukenhof, or “kitchen garden”, is often regarded as the Garden of Europe. It is the second largest flower garden in the world after Dubai Miracle Garden, and it features about 7 million bulbs, which are planted annually in the 32 hectare park. In the iconic style of the Netherlands where the Keukenhof is located, the garden showcases a variety of tulips, which are best viewed in mid-April when the flowers are in full bloom. The garden was established in 1949 on 15th century hunting grounds in an effort to exhibit flowers where European growers could showcase their hybrids.

Unique Garden Styles

There are actually several small gardens in the Keukenhof, each showcasing different garden styles and features. The English landscape garden includes many unexpected see-through points along winding paths. In the historical garden, visitors can see older varieties of tulips preserved through this area. The nature garden pairs beautiful flowers with the serene sounds of a water garden featuring shrubs and perennials. Finally, there is a Japanese garden that brings elements of eastern design to the European landscape. Many visitors come to the Keukenhof expecting to see long fields of tulips, but the tulip fields surrounding the gardens are privately owned areas not included in the grounds.

Open Seasons

Keukenhof’s gardens are situated around Castle Keukenhof, which is a year-round facility showcasing many festivals and musical performances. The gardens, however, are only open from March through May when tulips are in bloom.

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