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Using Succulents in Your Landscape Design

SucculentsSucculents contain thickened, fleshy structures for retaining water, making them perfect for desert landscapes. In addition, succulents come in a variety of colors, including blue-green, pink, yellow, and red. They can also be found with rounded leaves or needlelike spiky leaves, so homeowners have many options when incorporating succulents into a Tucson landscape design.

Drain soil well

In order for your succulents to thrive, you need to make sure the soil is well drained. If you’re planting succulents near moist areas, consider building an elevated mound first. Planting succulents on the mound will keep the moisture sensitive succulents healthy, while the rest of your landscape absorbs water. You can prevent the mound from eroding by incorporating gravel and other stones for support.

Mix succulents

Succulents are incredible landscape plants because they come in a variety of forms and textures. You can use this to your advantage by mixing the different types of succulents found in your landscape. For example, you can accent an entry garden with textured Euphorbia tirucalli and with pointed Aloe marlothii simultaneously. This is a considerably low maintenance combination when compared to plants that shed or die in the winter season.

It is important to know the cold tolerance of the species you choose. Some succulents will need to be covered during frost.

Grow against contrast backdrop

Succulent plants appear more dramatic when grown against a high contrast background, such as a colored wall. A bright background will give the succulents more of a sculpture appearance than a plant-like appearance.

Use when spatially challenged

Succulents are limited in the growth size, so they are very effective in smaller backyards. For example, succulents make a great addition to a narrow side yard because they offer ranges of colors that are pleasing to visitors without taking up too much space.

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