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Transforming a Small Backyard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour small backyard may not be able to accommodate an in-ground swimming pool or an expansive deck, but there are plenty of ways to utilize this space for entertaining. From strategically placing your outdoor seating to adding small platform steps, there are subtle ways to enhance your outdoor living space. Here are simple ideas to transform a small backyard landscape into an integral part of your home.

Planting privacy

Adding large, leafy plants are an elegant way to screen your backyard space while framing the view to your house. You can also create a private, cozy retreat by planting enough small shrubs to screen out the neighborhood view. At the same time, you can install a low split-rail fence with a couple rows of shrubs at the end of your property to create the illusion your yard is bigger.

Installing a fireplace

Backyard fireplaces add a level of warmth that is perfect for a cozy backyard seating area. They are also available in a variety of sizes and materials. This means you can install an outdoor fireplace that won’t overwhelm the seating area with its size.

Removing clutter

In a smaller backyard, space is a premium. As a result, you should include built-in seating when possible and only add enough plants necessary to make a statement in the seating area. At the same time, you can leave some room in the seating area to bring additional chairs outside when guests are over.

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