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Explore The Paver Styles Offered by Santa Rita Landscaping

SRL 14605_FINAL.PDFSanta Rita Landscaping is excited to announce that we offer paver driveways and patios! Are you interested in adding a completely new dimension to your landscaping, backyard and patio design? Our paver driveways and patios might just be the ticket. They offer all the benefits of a traditional concrete driveway or patio, but with a warmer look and a comparable price- and they’re also environmentally friendly. Here’s a look at the different types we offer:

Tumbled and Non-Tumbled Pavers

Fire Pit 1The “tumbled” aspect of tumbled pavers comes from the process of literally “tumbling” them in a large metal drum similar to a cement mixer. When you’re presented a choice between tumbled and non-tumbled pavers, ask yourself one key question: are you going to want an old-world, antique look? If so, tumbled pavers are for you. They retain all of the durability, ease and cost-effectiveness of non-tumbled pavers, but with a antiqued natural-stone look that makes them perfect for more rustic, country-inspired homes. Non-tumbled pavers are more crisp-edged and modern looking, making them great for people who want their driveways, patios, and backyard design to be on the cutting edge.

Dozens of Styles

Turf 2Under the respective umbrellas of “tumbled” and “non-tumbled” exist a wide variety of styles and thicknesses. Pavers can come in slab styles, cobblestone styles, and pavers that are designed to resemble slate or flagstone. We also feature a thin line paver that is only 1” thick, which works great for covering existing concrete patios. There are even pavers that allow rainwater through to reduce runoff.

Color Matters

Concrete Pavers 6Good custom pavers can change the entire personality of an outdoor space, the same way our landscape design does. Part of the reason is because of the array of colors that you can achieve with them. Using paver colors correctly can give your hardscapes a sense of harmony with their natural surroundings that simply didn’t exist before. You can either use all of the same color paver, use similar colors to create a coordinated effect, or a multi-color blend to ensure blending well with its surroundings.

If you go with Santa Rita Landscaping’s paver services, you can rest assured that the job will leave your home looking incredible. And best of all, every Santa Rita Landscaping paver job we undertake reflects our commitment to quality workmanship, fair prices, on-time delivery, and seamless warranties.

We’ve built our company on accountability, professionalism, quality, teamwork, integrity, and constant improvement. For 30 years now we’ve to embodied those values, and we still do. Call Santa Rita Landscaping at 520-623-0421 to get more information on our paver services. You’ll be glad you did.


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