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Choosing the Best Outdoor Fire Pit for Your Yard

seat wall & fire pit with flagstone detailAdding hardscape features to your yard helps you create an inviting space where you actually want to spend time. If your backyard is currently lacking functional features, you might want to consider adding a fire pit to your exterior design. Use this guide to find the best kind of outdoor fire pit for your backyard to make your space more useful and welcoming than ever before.

Decide on a Style

If you already have a specific landscape design in your yard, you can use it to help you choose a fire pit that complements the space. There is a wide range of styles from which to choose so you can have a fire pit that enhances the other features of your exterior design. Choose a style that will complement your home and landscaping style. A square or rectangle tends to give you a more contemporary or modern look. A round firepit will compliment a less formal design. There are fire pits made from a variety of materials including metal or stone that can help you create an exterior design that meets your personal aesthetic.

Choose Your Fuel

Most of the fire pits that you find will use either wood or gas/propane to fuel the fire. Wood-burning fire pits are often cheaper to operate and help you create a true campfire experience. Propane/gas will create an interesting visual effect for your yard. Once you decide on the kind of fuel to use, it will be easier to find the right fire pit.

Find the Right Size

The size of your yard can affect the dimensions of your ideal fire pit. If you are trying to add a decorative feature to a small space like a deck or a patio, you should choose a smaller option like a bowl. If you have more space, though, you can choose a fire pit with larger dimensions.

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