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Lighting Schemes to Consider for Your Outdoor Space

Lighting- Low Voltage 5Adding exterior lighting to your landscape design gives you a way to incorporate a whole new layer of aesthetic appeal to your yard. Use the following guide to find the perfect lighting scheme for your outdoor area.

A Well-Lit Walkway

When trying to find the perfect lighting schemes for your outdoor space, you should consider light fixtures that bring both style and function. Lighting your walkway helps to create a safer path where you and your guests can travel through the backyard easily at night. If you place offset lights far apart from each other, they naturally create an illuminated walkway that is both beautiful and safe.

Uplight the Trees and Downlight from the House

If you want to add more light to your yard without noticeable light fixtures, you can take advantage of uplighting and downlighting schemes. Uplight some of the trees and bushes so there is still plenty of light without the jarring appearance of light fixtures in front of your landscape design. You can also downlight from the house to make the area brighter.

Mimic the Natural Light

There is a new lighting trend that places lights high in the trees to create the illusion of more moonlight. If you want to add a magical element to your exterior design and you have really high trees in your yard, this could be the perfect lighting scheme for you.

High Overhead Lighting

If you are trying to illuminate a seating area, you should think about using high overhead lighting. This style provides enough light for you and your guests to see while you eat without focusing the light right in your eyes.

Built In Lights

There are many styles of lights that can built into new construction. Try adding some undercap lights in seat walls and BBQ areas.

Don’t Use Too Many

Don’t use too many fixtures. When too many fixtures are used it begins to look like a runway. Good lighting fixture layout has shadow in between each fixture to guide you to the destination.

With the help of Santa Rita Landscaping, you can find the perfect lighting scheme for your outdoor area. For almost 30 years, we have provided some of the top landscape and hardscape design services in the Tucson area. To learn more about our services, check out our website or call (520) 623-0421.

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