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Tips for Planting a Successful Winter Garden in Tucson

Tips for Planting a Successful Winter Garden in TucsonWith such a mild winter, Tucson is a great city for growing plants throughout the year. Take advantage of this perfect weather by planting some vegetables on your property. If you want to incorporate a winter garden into your landscape design, use the following tips to ensure that it grows successfully.

Plant Your Garden Before the Frost

Although it does not dip below freezing too often in Tucson, frost is present during some parts of the winter. Plant your garden at the end of September or at the beginning of October so it is in place before the frost starts and it has the best chance of growing through the winter.

Find the Perfect Spot

Winter plants might not need a lot of heat, but they do need plenty of sun. Find an area in your garden that gets at least eight hours of sunlight each day. If you can find the perfect spot in your garden, you have a better chance of growing a successful garden. Use an amended planted soil to give your plants the best chance of thriving.

Pay Attention When You Water

The winter months in Tucson do see a little bit of rain, but it is important to take the time to water your plants so they can grow to their full potential. About once a month, you should water your garden and leave plenty of water in the soil so the ground can soak it up and keep the plants properly hydrated. If there is not much rain, you might want to water the plants more often.

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